Wandering along a mountain trail— listening to the waters trickling over the rocks, rushing past boulders— admiring the moss, I looked upon a tall tree whose roots fortuitously dipped into the water on one side. I considered it well and received instruction, noting that other trees nearby had been blown over by raging winds and ravaging storms. Yet this tree, with its moss covered roots anchored and wrapped around The Rock stood tall and graceful, skirted by mountain laurel. Weathered, yet resolute. It brought to mind Adelaide Crapsey’s cinquain, “On Seeing Weather-beaten Trees”: Is it as plainly in our living shown By slant and twist, which way the wind has blown?

I have encountered many “storms” in my own life. Doubtless, you have braved gale forces too. My faith in Christ has nevertheless proven to be a solid Rock that anchors my soul and steadies my heart through the darkest hours of tempests’ cruelest winds.

#storms #anchor #faith #rock #trees #Christ

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