An Enriching Adventure Awaits...

On June 4, I engaged in my second book signing at the 1st Annual Mondo Roots Cultural Arts Festival in downtown Clayton, NC. Thanks to all who stopped by to purchase a copy of my award-winning debut novel!! It was a great experience to participate in my first arts festival. The weather was picture perfect while mouth-watering aromas permeated the air already saturated with the sound of live music!! I hope to participate in this wonderful hometown event numerous times in the coming years. However, the next two or three will have to go on without me. I'm embarking on a new adventure that is sure to enrich my writing. At the end of this month I'm scheduled to depart for China where I'll be teaching English as a foreign language for 15-30 months for Disney English!! It will be an amazing opportunity to learn about the Chinese culture up close and personal--not to mention the challenge of learning Mandarin!! And now... back to packing!!

#MondoRoots #booksigning #China #EFL #Disney

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