The End of an Era

Today Nancy went home. Today she was reunited with the love of her life, President Ronald Reagan. Oh, how I envy the life they lived-- not for their fame and fortune, nor for the influence they had over the entire planet-- but for the love they had for each other. How incredible it must be to pass your life on this earth so completely devoted to another person-- and never to doubt he is completely devoted to you in return! I have reached the age when I must conclude that such a blessing will never fall to me in this world. However, it gave me great pleasure to observe the mutual adoration between Nancy and Ronald Reagan. It stirred a hope in my heart that sometimes, fairytale romances really do happen.

I will be forever grateful to Ronald Reagan for turning the hearts of the American people from gloom to gladness. He restored our faith, as every good leader should.

If God were to answer only one prayer of mine, I would ask Him to mold both of my sons to be men of Reagan's stature and character. He was a man who believed in God. He was an eternal optimist who believed in American exceptionalism, if for no other reason, than because our forefathers founded this great nation with a full reliance on our Creator and in search of the freedom to worship Him and walk with Him.

Reagan was not a perfect man; who among us is? But he was a man who valued integrity. He was a hero and a life-saver, having rescued 77 lives from the Rock River at Lowell Park. Like Ronald Reagan, my sons have been confronted with the imperfections of their own earthly father. I would have them reject the example of abandonment and embrace the beauty of committment that the Reagans embodied, a beauty that stirred the heart of a nation and ignited the fires of liberty around the globe. Theirs was truly an America love story.

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