I am a lover of liberty! Yet, I realize that “Freedom is not free;” therefore, I have selected Paralyzed Veterans of America ( as my philanthropy of choice. PVA exists to enrich the lives of America’s wounded veterans. To my way of thinking, they had our backs. Shouldn’t we have theirs?

But just thinking well of this organization does nothing to advance aide to our wounded heroes. So, I'm putting my good will into action by committing to share 10% of ALL of my profits with PVA.

I also love sports! To celebrate March Madness and raise awareness as well as funds for PVA, I'm beginning a campaign with a target of at least one thousand digital or print book sales of ESCAPE FROM THE SHADOWS by midnight, March 31, 2016. Help me reach that goal and, s-w-i-s-h, I'm laying up 75% of my profits to give to Paralyzed Veterans of America! Want to assist? Buy a copy today! Now, going over-the-top is a good thing!

#MarchMadness #ParalyzedVeteransofAmerica

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