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Originally, I wanted to write Book Two, Piercing the Shadows, with a first-person viewpoint using the younger son, Onar, as the voice of the story. I was inspired to make the attempt after teaching To Kill a Mockingbird for a few years. I found Harper Lee's strategy of painting a picture of racism through the innocent eyes of an eight year-old girl to be powerfully effective.

However, I have concluded that in Lee's classic book the juxtaposition of innocence against the backdrop of racism and ignorance is effective in the first-person viewpoint because it is such a local story. The Knights of Nevertheless is much more epic (narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures) and therefore demands a more omniscient point-of-view.

So... whereas I had previously reported that Book Two would be told from Onar's first person point-of- view, I have given it a different narrating voice. Onar will, however, still be the primary character of Piercing the Shadows.

I am thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to write Book Two!! Now that I have the point-of-view element straightened out, the writing is coming much more easily!!

#pointofview #firstpersonviewpoint #lightvsdark #goodvsevil #hopevsdespair

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