Celebrate Veterans Day...Support Paralyzed Vets of America

Freedom isn’t free—we hear it all the time. But what do we do about it? Take a look at the PVA website today and get acquainted with some men and women who have done more than just talk about it.


While there, you’ll meet people like Shaun Castle from Horseheads, N.Y., who served five years in the Army, during which he served three deployments to Kosovo, Macedonia and Bosnia and performed missions to the Middle East.

Shaun lives with a life-threatening allergy to all pain medications and must manage his pain through natural means. But it hasn’t slowed him down. He went back to college and plays wheelchair basketball at the University of Alabama. He’s also a Paralympian.

Get to know Felipe Adams from Santa Monica, CA, who suffered a paralyzing injury in Bagdad on September 30, 2006, while serving in the U.S. Army. Each morning he tells himself “life is good.” Those three words make the difference in whether Felipe wallows in self-pity or revels in life’s next chapter. “I must remind myself that every day is a struggle and that life will throw obstacles in my way but it is up to me to overcome them.” What an inspiration!

Paralyzed Veterans of America helps those who have protected our nation adapt to life after service when faced with a debilitating injury—free of charge to our heroes. Let’s face it, men and women don’t enter military service expecting to get rich. They had our back— shouldn’t we have theirs?

For my part, I’m proud to support PVA. From the first book I’ve sold, and continuing until the last, 10% of my profits are shared with Paralyzed Veterans of America.

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