What about Dem?

Behind the Walls of Dem

Dem is one of the largest cities in the shadow lands of Terra Dombren. The name is obviously a play on words. The inhabitants of Dem are slaves to their appetites who ironically think they have found genuine freedom. True, no laws govern behavior inside the walls of Dem, but neither is there safety or sanity. Citizens of Dem can give in to their wildest fantasies. Yet, given the depravity of the human heart, those fantasies spell d-a-n-g-e-r to all who answer the ubiquitous siren drum beat that deadens the conscience while it heightens one’s passions. It is a cauldron of survival-of-the-fittest escapades where right is wrong and evil is good. Few who enter her gates ever come out alive.

Dem is ruled by the iron fist of Cam, a super dongrel. Cam is a powerful sorcerer who demands blood sacrifice of family members from his loyal followers who wish to rise up within his ranks. His ambition is to become king over all the shadow lands. His standard, a field of very dark grey with two sinister black orbs and a dagger trickling crimson drops of blood from its blade flies at all four corners of the city when he is present.

[Book Two TEASER: The eyes of his standard can actually see its surroundings during the month of Islar.]

#shadows #freedom #walls #depravity #safety #sanity #sorcerer #bloodsacrifice #ambition #siren #blood #standard #slaves #city

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