There is hope....

                even in the darkness...


In the enchanted time after time, two realms emerge: the dark lands where shadows and danger lurk in every corner, and the mystic lands of light, peace, and beauty. Following apocalyptic fires, floods, and earthquakes, the occupants of Dombria struggle to survive in a world wrecked by the ravages of a blood-thirsty war lord. Seekers within the shadow lands crave the tranquility of the glad lands of Menetoy, but they risk life and limb to pursue the path toward freedom.


Betrayal ignites the quest of Ava, a widow with two sons on the cusp of manhood, to seek passage through the portal known as The Great Wall of Fire. Will a world at war with itself drive a wedge between Ava and her sons? Battle lines are drawn where Darkness clashes with Light!





** Because freedom isn't free, R.A. McClure shares 10% of ALL sales with Paralyzed Veterans of America. After all, they had our backs-- shouldn't  we have theirs?

"WOW... a bold statement!"

-- Avid Reader


"More please!... This book should become a classic. I absolutely loved it, and couldn't put it down. I have not read a book in years that held my attention so completely."

-- Bookster


"We look forward to reading the next installment in the series by McClure who shows true promise as an up-and-coming author."



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